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164000 Kilometers
Purchased just over 3 years ago ive been adding bits as ive been going. In its original state the eunos had an all black interior and dead silver paint work.The passenger side door,front and rear arches were a bit beaten up. As you can see ive done the repairs ie new passenger door,front arch and pulled the bangs out of the rear . A new paint job (lam ral2005) and brought the colour into the cockpit. I wanted my 5 to look different and eye catching (guess i managed that) from the normal array of standard colours. Other addons include white dials,chrome dial rings,momo steering wheel,chrome vent rings,and other little chrome bits (not in the pics) ,cabin and upper engine braces,k&n air intake and a nice clean set of ripspeed wheels 15 inch to replace the original 14inch mazda tat.<br />Just had a new softtop fitted today and looks really nice and well fitted by a guy in croydon (details on request). Im sure some will cringe at my work but hay we are all individuel. <br />Ive driven my 5 every day for 3 years and put about 60000mles on it with never a problem except for a dodgy battery and ran out of fuel twice. All in all i cant complain im very happy with the work ive put into this and its reliability<br />Just an update to whats happened to my ride in the last few months.First ive added the last of the chrome to the interior and the picture shows all im likely to do for a while.Ive added a mesh to vent air into the left headlight top (if you were wondering what that was).First picture of the new roof done a couple of months ago and the side mounted square number plate. Finally the powerflow twin exhaust ,very recent addition and looks and sounds very nice .<br />Just an update as of the 19/08/11 bought a full LPG kit from an existing Eunos so should have that installed next week,ok its a used kit but is in very good condition and hopefully as a duel fuel sled will save a few quid on the ever increasing motion lotion ....lets see!!!



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