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General Information

Roadster S Ltd
Black, Red leather, Gold BBS
130000 Kilometers
imported in 2003, bought feb/march 2012. it came from an old couple that had it as a second car, its been looked after. being a special edition and import im told it comes with all the extras which is great, it has no signs of rot, paint came up well when cleaned interior is also very tidy too. The red goes really nice with the black. There are a few bad points, small crack in top part of dash. the rest was all ok and the seat recently trimmed in black and red leather and needed a nice clean.<br />came with newish mohair soft top and a hard top too.the gold BBS look fab and it came with two sets, one sold to forum member "elliot852<br />has a few extras too, chrome style bar and wind breaker ,zoom starter button, cobra imob, apexi induction kit, sunglasses holder instead of ashtray, cat back stainless exhaust, boot spoiler im not a fan of and told its not standard on the S Ltd. really does have a good few extras on there. To be honest there are a few things im not sure are standard or not on this, il have to do some research.<br />ive not owned the car long but done a few little mods already<br /><br />so far they include smoking all exterior lights and reflectors minus the pop up headlights, these will be going yellow to match fogs.<br />removed rear fog and front plate, <br />few stickers<br />have some 15x8 et 15 BBS reps waiting to go on,<br />Robbs red drift button, <br />carbon wrapped center console<br />new gaiters gear stick and handbrake<br /><br />few plans<br /><br />interior <br />chrome vent rings<br />jass cup holder<br />jass dial surround<br />new head unit (Pioneer)<br />under seat active sub<br />upgraded speakers<br />bubble shifter<br /><br />exterior<br />coileys<br />wider wheels<br />red or polished tow hooks<br />lazy eye<br />offset plate<br />ducktail<br />and a gv lip<br /><br />under the bonnet id just like to tidy it up, maybe a stainless exhaust mani and decat, hoses and paint but not much for now tbh.<br /><br />my ideas change all the time so that's just a rough idea of where im at now.<br /><br />Thanks Dan



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