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General Information

Honda S2000 Monte Carlo Blue
200000 Kilometers
NameDescriptionCost PriceInstall PriceRating
K&N panel filter?0.00?0.005 / 10
De-Cat?0.00?0.005 / 10
Shocks and SuspensionKYB Adjustables and Apex lowering springs?200.00?0.005 / 10
Removal of exterior rear fogused the only tool suitable for this job... my knee. knocked it off and rewired fog light to replace middle brake light.?0.00?0.005 / 10
sprayed rocker cover matt black, might do the lettering in gloss red if i come by a little bit?0.00?0.005 / 10
front strut brace?0.00?0.005 / 10
14" steel wheels sprayed up black the 17's didn't fit after suspension change?40.00?0.005 / 10
stunt peg gear knobfree just tap a tread and done!!?0.00?0.005 / 10
wrapped steering wheel and handbrake lever with rad hose repair tape?0.00?0.005 / 10
pedal platesremoval of pedal plates kept catching my feet?0.00?0.005 / 10
brace barsfront and rear lower brace bars?40.00?0.0010 / 10
Imported from Japland in 2002, by the time it got to me modification consisted of:<br /><br />White vinyl wrapped dash crash pad<br />Wooden MOMO Steering wheel<br />Wooden handbrake lever<br />Shiney plates clipped over pedals<br />Bomex front bumper<br />17" low profille Wolfrace alloys<br />BGW (big gay wing) bolt on to boot lid<br />Hardtop<br />SPAX suspension (adustables)<br />Blue Peanut bulbs (side lights) in centre console<br />Blanking plate and aftermarket radio<br /><br />Changes I have made<br />15" BBS watts<br />alloy radiator<br />Lower strut bracing front and rear<br />upper front strut brace<br />KYB adjustable shocks and 40mm Apex lowering springs<br />White centre console<br />removed blue leds at a request of a police man<br />black standard bumper<br />K&N pannel filter<br />couple of home made gear knobs<br />flip out screen radio<br />a damn good clean. found an Japanese coin in the boot!!



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