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In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

14 October 2020 - 10:31 PM

More progress this month - every dent removed from the car (10 in all!). 3 days of paint correction and 2 layers of ceramic coat baked on. Suffice to say.... I'm a happy chap! I'll have proper pics and a video to share soon but here's a shot from Monday when I collected the car from the detailers:


In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

16 September 2020 - 11:36 PM

Boot sticker time :D - on the inside of the lid mind you! 



In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

16 September 2020 - 11:11 AM

I'm worried about messing up what it a 100% reliable platform. I've a specialist tuner not far from here who said he'd take a FI kit from me and install/setup. I don't mind tinkering, but think adding boost is probably a good way for me to kill a decent car if I DIY it! Anyway, it'll be a while before I get to that decision. Plenty to do on the font end over the next year or 2.

Lesson learned though - I'm going to buy a front subframe and arms and have them painted, bushed and ready to hand over for fitting. No more mucking about with the car in bits for years.

In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

16 September 2020 - 08:24 AM

Coming on nicely. You've mentioned put green stuff pads on. I run the yellow stuff on mine and find them excellent with much more bite compared to the OE pads. Green stuff won't generate as much dust, but they also won't brake as hard.


Yeah - I've green stuff pads on the rear... mind you... there'e LOADS of dust off them compared to the OE front pads. Brakes feel like they're at 70% of what I'd like to feel. I guess I'll just have to do the front pads first, then maybe braid the lines and see how the pedal feels. Beyond that.... its as you say, yellow stuff perhaps, for more bite.


Either way, haven't had this much fun since my bike days. Happy enough with power levels too. Our roads here are nice n twisty although I suspect a supercharger would add some poke without changing the dynamic of the car. Big money to cross that line... so I'll stick to chassis/brake work for now.

In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

12 September 2020 - 12:14 PM

Brill threat.  Thanks for keeping it alive.

Thanks even more for not giving up.  Got to page 4 and it looked like game over.  Very happy to see someone else trying to save a 5, as against break it and scrap it.

Thanks for that! Been out in it EVERY dry day since it got back on the road. Finding I go out now, just to drive. Can't recommend the chassis rails, Meisters, GFC cage highly enough - together, they've really transformed the handling.

However, it now shows up the parts of the car that need to keep up!


Next in the to-do list:


This coming year - Green stuff pads up front to match the rears. Braided brake lines - the pedal isnt hard enough.


Longer term - I'm going to source a front subframe and arms and start to work at a set of those with the "POR15" treatment. IL motorsport bushes all over to match the rear again. I'd like the front end to be a bit sharper. Not sure if alignment could maybe be dialled in better to achieve that? Its getting to the stage I'd probably need /to be on track to safely find out! Been on the Racing Beat website and fancy one of their uprated front anti roll bars with associated bracketing etc.


I guess the most immediate job in hand is to clear my messy garage out! 4 years with no MX5 in it has, well, taken its toll. Need to clear it out before the weather turns.


Finally - ICE. Going to start with a speaker upgrade and see what that does for the pathetic sound of the OE radio! Android auto is on the horizon after that... although I do want to run Torque pro on screen, so I'll have to investigate that and see how to achieve it. Can't have enough dials! Alternative is to put some proper gauges in... we'll see.