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In Topic: 400 Cell Cat

05 October 2020 - 11:09 PM

No engine prefers some back pressure.  I’ll leave it to those who are curious to jump down the rabbit hole of helmholtz exhaust tuning.  Here’s one possible and relatively safe hole to begin exploring: 



In Topic: Advice Required In Regards To A Replacement Soft Top For Eunos Mk1

02 October 2020 - 07:19 PM

As far as I know, and assuming the frame came from the same series as your car, it should bolt on directly without the need to remove and reinstall the fabric.  I’m not sure this is still true if trying to bolt on a mk2 frame onto a mk1 car, and vice versa.

In Topic: Advice Required In Regards To A Replacement Soft Top For Eunos Mk1

02 October 2020 - 05:49 PM

The only real difference between replacing just the top fabric, and the frame with fabric, is the removal and replacement of the frame, which in itself isn’t very difficult.  The videos I’ve watched show removal of some of the trim around the seatbelt towers and door sills, followed by the removal of three or so bolts on each side.  You could also just replace the latches, which saves you having to source a good frame.

In Topic: Advice Required In Regards To A Replacement Soft Top For Eunos Mk1

02 October 2020 - 04:09 PM

This is probably the easiest way to replace the soft top fabric:




There’s no need to replace the metal frame unless the frame in your car is in poor condition, or the soft top you purchased is attached to a frame already.  If either of those situations apply, there are plenty of videos that will show you how to remove the soft top frame.


Some of things to watch out for are:


1.  Make sure you have a functional rain rail and that it is installed correctly, otherwise you will have leaks.

2.  You may have to source some small, thin, flexible washers for where the top and rain rail attaches at the back, otherwise you may have leaks.

3.  Don’t over tighten the small nuts at the rain rail as they break easily.  There’s also a tightening sequence that’s best to follow.  Get this wrong and, we’ll you know what’s likely to happen.

4.  Watch the orientation of the tension cable end.  It’s counterintuitive and if you get this wrong the edge of the top over the window will look very bad.

5.  There are probably others, but they don’t come to mind.  


I don’t mean to make this sound more difficult than it is, and it really isn’t that difficult at all, but good results require that you do things correctly.  Short cuts won’t be rewarded.  Good luck, and if you are wondering about a particular, ask.

In Topic: Radiator Leak

02 October 2020 - 12:27 AM

You’ll probably be much better off in the long run to replace the radiator with a new equivalent unit.  It’s doubtful a fix to an old radiator will keep for long, and loss of coolant can easily lead to loss of engine.  


In the States many of us source Denso or Koyo (Koyorad) replacements from Amazon for under $100.  Unless your planning on forced induction, there’s no need for a larger than standard radiator, and plenty of reasons not to go that route.  I use this one:  




It looks like the equivalent part in the UK through Amazon is well over double what I’ve paid:




Keep in mind that the radiator I’ve listed fits my USA spec 1991 1.6l Miata, but I don’t know if it will fit your 1991 Eunos, the steering wheels being on different sides and all that.  And don’t worry if the replacement radiators are listed as fitting cars with automatic transmissions; they also fit manual transmission cars and you simply don’t use the automatic transmission cooler line fittings if yours is a manual.