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Turbo Tubo Turbos

12 April 2019 - 08:06 AM

Hi, Been thinking of turbo my MX5, I've decided based on internet attrition alone il go with a TD04 set up and all supporting mods (aim safely mapped to 220-240 BHP). This appears to be the most common MX5 turbo set up. Several MX5 supplier are supplying reconditioned units for about 3-500 stg. Now I know bugger all about turbos in general, The question is where to get one and what should I look out for ?? Subaru Breakers, suppliers, ebay etc. ???? I'd hope to be spending less than the 3-500 stg. I think id best stay away from the new cheap Chinese ones tho. There are plenty of Turbo companies offering exchange units etc but I'm not sure what I'm looking for or how much should be spending. TD04L- 13T are the recommended models. There are also 15T, 17 t etc ? I figure it a inlet / oulet thing, what does the step mean to boost, lag etc ?? also there are MHI V IHI turbos ?> Or should I just go straight out and buy a full built kit e.g the 3K motorsports G19 kit and skip all the messing and headacke ??

Sc Kits

20 November 2018 - 04:29 PM


I saw this kit online, look like a pretty comprehensive kit, anyone know or deal with this company, I cannot see any other option for a full kit delivered. I'm sort of weigh on the SC route over turbo power due to the relative simplicity and drivability. i cant see any other full packages available except some rotex kit from US of A but they run into big bucks. Id be lookign at self fitting and getting professionally mapped


Any thoughts on this kit , what sort of power would it yield on a Mk2 1.8 ???