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Water Pump Gasket.

25 January 2018 - 11:20 PM

Hi folks,

I have a NA 1.6 and after changing the water pump, belts and everything else that goes with it putting it back together I've discovered a leak from the top of the waterpump.

I've taken it off and it looked as it I've damaged it when installing it.

I have now got a genuine Mazda metal gasket and I'm wondering if I should put some gasket sealer on when fitting on just fit it without.

I've gone over the contact surfaces with a polishing Dremel attachment and both are a mirror shine so nothing on the surface and they appear damage free.

Any advice before I fit it?

Hi Folks

24 January 2018 - 09:03 PM

Hi Folks,


Just a message to say hello and introduce myself, I'm Ross from sunny Glasgow. I bought my 1990 NA 1.6 Short Nose Eunos in October 2017 to strip it out completely to turn it into a track toy.


So far I have entirely stripped out the interior excluding the upper dash and centre tombstone, removed the PAS (looped the system), A/C system and charcoal filter.


I have serviced the engine with new oil, rocker gasket, oil filter, waterpump, thermostat, timing belt, new clutch slave cylinder, service kit redone the clutch master cylinder, added HEL clutch line, spark plugs, HT leads, new OEM pedals and fuel filter.


I have added a BMC Carbon Fibre intake, Japspeed racing radiator, new silcone hoses, LED headlamp bulbs and an OMP steering wheel.


Still to fit (already bought) is a Cobra Monaco Sport bucket with Skidnation side mounts, electrical cut off, OMP tow straps, SVT big front brakes, TD04 WRX turbo and intercooler (will wait till next winter to do this as I want to have the car ready for Springtime).


Problems so far was removing the old slave, the lower bolt stripped and took 5 days of trying different things before it eventually freed after using bolt extraction screws and heating the hell out of it. Then came the various waterpump/cooling gaskets, I bought a kit off eBay and really wished I'd just bought a Mazda one, the paper ones on both the waterpump intake pipe failed (it did kink slightly as I put it on and hadn't realised) took off (also replaced the inlet pipe at the same time as it was super corroded), refilled the water to flush and still dripping, this time from further up the front of the block, possibly coming from the thermostat housing so took it off and refit a genuine O ring and refilled whilst everything was off and hooray no leak...... from there, then popped up another one lower down which looked to be coming from the right side of the waterpump so everything back off, waterpump surface re-skimmed along with the hole in the block so it's flush and super clean and have a Mazda gasket coming tomorrow.


Boring you yet???


Now is my purchase list which I want to have on the Eunos by Springtime, frame rails, coilovers, rear pads and discs, 15 x 8J alloys with track orientated tyres, roll bar/cage, strut bar..... and a cuddly toy!


Thanks for reading and please get in touch if you have any suggestions or tips on how to progress the project or must have parts I've not mentioned.