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Tyre And Tracking Question

15 September 2020 - 10:36 AM

Hello all, 


My 1999 NB is currently sat on a set of Toyo T1r's. One of my front tyres is fairly worn on the outer edge which suggests that my tracking is fairly far out, and the tyre needs replacing. 


Couple of questions:


I've been perfectly happy with the T1r's, but they appear to have been discontinued. I dislike having non-matching tyres, but my rear tyres have plenty of life left and I'm reluctant to chuck them. Are the Toyo TR1's their direct successor? They look like they have different tread as a minimum. 


Secondly, what are my best options for getting the tracking sorted properly. Is it something any reasonable garage can get done properly, or is it a more involved specialist job? I seem to recall reading somewhere that the geometry is difficult to get right on MX5's but I might have imagined that. 


Any pointers appreciated!