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Anyone That Had The Bilstein "hard S" Suspension On A Nb And Now Running Zetacrd's?

MeisterR ZetaCRD Bilstein Hard S NB 10th 10th anniversary edition 10th AE comfortable

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#1 Smoking_wheels


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Posted 30 March 2020 - 03:13 PM

Hi guys,

I’ve searched and read but can’t seem to find some reference I’m hoping to find. I’ve got a 10th anniversary NB that’s fully stock. Which means it has the “Hard S” Bilstein shocks. The whole car is in pretty good condition, it has around 75000 miles on it.

I find the ride pretty harsh. Uncomfortable on bad roads, but turn in on corners is great. When I’m on smooth tarmac, it is an absolute joy to drive. But the roads with the most fun (corners) are usually in pretty bad condition. Speed bumps are countless too. They’re doable, but my daily driver (Lexus IS250) is a lot smoother on those roads and speed bumps. 


I'm not interested in lowering the car or use it on the track or autocross. I only drive, cruise, drive spirited on quiet, twisty backroads. All I'm after is more comfort on uneven tarmac and speed bumps, with a nice balance to maintain snappy cornering and reduced body roll.

I mostly see very positive reviews on MeisterR ZetaCRD. In fact, I think I haven’t found someone regretting buying a set of those coilovers. I’ve searched for comparisons between shock dyno’s that include these ZetaCRD’s, when compared to my original “Hard S”, the OE stock Showas and Koni Sport (a.k.a. Yellow). I’ve learned from a post by Jerrick, that MeisterR doesn’t have FvV dyno’s since those graphs don’t tell the whole story. Most other shocks don’t have FvD graphs, almost all graphs I see are Force vs Velocity graphs.

MeisterR is a rare contender here in The Netherlands. I’ve test driven with a NA Miata that had Zeta’s fitted. I believe they were ZetaPRO's. This was about a year ago. My impression was that they we’re equally uncomfortable or even more uncomfortable as the Hard S on my 10th anniversary model. 

Is there anyone out here that had the Hard S on an NB and now has the ZetaCRD fitted? I’m anxious to know how these compare. I’m looking for a more comfortable ride. How comfortable is a ZetaCRD in it’s most soft setting, when compared for instance with the Hard S on a 10th anniversary edition?




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#2 lightbulbbilly


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Posted 30 March 2020 - 09:33 PM

Hi - I have a ‘99 NB with Zeta CRDs. I’m no expert - I bought them on the back of all the positive feedback on this forum ( and others). I didn’t have the Bilstein’s but I have been really impressed by the ride quality of the CRDs compared to my old OEM units.

The performance feels superior to my slightly tired standard factory shocks. Roll is definitely reduced. Medium size bump absorption is surprisingly plush and “patter” over small road surface imperfections is reduced (in my car at least)

Also the customer service was pretty good too.

I hope this helps - don’t think you’ll be disappointed. There are other options you see mentioned with similar positive feedback (Gaz for example)


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#3 Smoking_wheels


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Posted 31 March 2020 - 02:36 PM

I'm certainly no expert, I'm leaning towards them but there's almost nothing as subjective then perceived ride comfort. I've driven a few NB's, some NBfl's. A few 10th AE models a Sportive and some with standard stock suspension. My own 10th AE was in the best condition, that's why I bought it  :D . The NB's with standard stock suspension were more comfortable but they also felt a bit tired. I mean that you can sometimes tell when a car has been abused or not. And not every owner is spot on with the correct tire pressure. Some even have their own opinion about a correct tire pressure.


From what you tell about "patter" over small road surface imperfections being reduced sounds good. I feel a lot in my butt with the Hard S Bilstein suspension. You know these white markings on the road? Just by looking at them, I can now distinguish which white markings are old and almost worn out and which are brand new with a thick layer of paint. Those are a pain to drive on. I avoid potholes. Speed bumps are not really a huge issue, but I know from the other NB's that those can drive faster over speed bumps with less trouble than my 10th AE.


I find it hard to make a decision about quite a lot of money. It's all about your reference (what do you have now on your car) and what your expectations are (what do you want to achieve). MeisterR is not very common in the Netherlands, so finding an MX-5 with that reference is hard. There's also the option of fitting a custom made Intrax suspension on my 10th AE, but that's quite a different price tag... :wacko:


Choices, choices, choices...

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