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Help Requested On Braking Systems, Servo & Master Cylinder

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Posted 24 March 2021 - 02:28 PM

Hi all.  I'm new here and would value some advice if available.


As per thread title I'm looking for some information regarding the master-cylinder and servos fitted to the various incarnations of the MX-5


The setup if for a kit car not MX-5 (apologies for that!), so I'm looking at all models to see if any will fit in the limited space I have available in my car, however I currently suspect the latest (ND) variant is probably too new for many to be available and from photo’s I’ve seen also looks like it may be more complex (electrical connectors on servo body).  I’d like to use the system from the NC however I think the servo is too large and will conflict with my clutch master, so that leaves me with the MK1 & 2 both of which look quite similar although there seem to have been a number of different servos and masters used.


Looking at the MK1/2 servos with the “non-fat” servo (think that will be too large) I have a couple of questions regarding the valve arrangement attached to the master/servo.  Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to post pictures here unless I host them online which I currently don't have capability to do but I hope the description is sufficient.


Q1 - I’ve assuming this is a proportioning or pressure limiting valve (can’t think what else it can be) but have a couple of questions.

Is it a proportioning valve, by which I mean does it reduce the rear line pressure as a constant proportion of the front line pressure (say 20%), or is it a pressure limiting valve which would apply an increasing pressure limit to the rear line as the front line pressure increases.  This would mean at low braking force all 4 wheels would have the same/similar pressure but at higher braking forces (greater weight transfer) the rear wheels would contribute less braking effect?


Q2 - Which outlet should go to rear and which to front?  I'm thinking front to front & rear to rear?


Q3 - I also notice that some instances seem to have a simple “connector block” rather than the valve.

Does this reflect the difference between a non-ABS system and ABS where the ABS unit is providing the proportioning?

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