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Smiths 12V Analog Clock Install - Mx-5 Nb1

14 April 2020 - 04:19 PM

Hello lasses and lads !


My name is Arnaud, I'm new to the forum.


I own a 1998 MX-5 NB in Evolution Orange Mica. 


I am currently doing a makeover of the interior to give it that sweet sweet 60's/70's British roadster style.


I want to install a Smiths analog clock (it has a light in it as well) in place of the OEM digital clock currently in the car. 


There will be a bunch of soldering to do in order to get the new clock working like the OEM one.


My question was : what wires do I need to feed into the clock ? This is the install information I found on Smiths' website : 


https://www.caigauge...c-clock-482.pdf (it's the 52mm with metal case one)


I also found this information from Jack58 about what the wires on the OEM clock are on another thread here :


Black = Earth

Grey/red = +ve from light dimmer
red/black = +ve light
Blue/black = +ve ignition
Blue/red = Permanant live


Can someone tell me which wire I would need to feed into the Smiths clock and where to ground it ?


Thank you so much !


Stay safe with the whole Covid-19 thing !


Best wishes from France,