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Il Motorsport Manifold Fitting Mk3 - Anyone Got Pics

22 June 2020 - 04:32 PM

Anyone fitted an IL Motorsport manifold to their MK3? The manifold comes with the extension for the one O2 sensor but my mechanic says even that extension isn't long enough? Does anyone have pics of their new relocated O2 sensors with the wires?

Many thanks

Gaz Gold Knock. Is This Right??

13 June 2020 - 05:43 PM

Hey guys.

Not long bought a 3.5 PRHT and the previous owner fitted GAZ Gold coilovers not too long ago.

I've had a few MK3s and fitted both Tein and Meister Coilovers to them.

These GAZ are great but theyre clunky. Just had the wheels off to have a look and you can rotate the shock body on the mount?? Is this right? I'm sure the Meisters and Teins didn't do this.

Please see the video:

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Sliding Bucket Seat Mounts For A Mk3

07 June 2020 - 07:09 AM

Hey guys.

I've got recaro pole positions to go in my MK3 but I cant find sliding seat mounts anywhere. There seems lots of options for the kind you just bolt in but I want to be able to adjust for different drivers