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Pulsation Dampers

08 June 2020 - 01:20 PM

I’m well aware that there is a long running debate about the use (moreover, the need) for the little pulsation damper at the end of your fuel rail. To me, it makes perfect sense for it to be there; given the oscillation of the injectors, particularly at shorter intervals.

But my next experiment (imagine long coat, mad scientist hair) pertains to the installation of an alternative with my shiny new radium fuel rail.


I didn’t acquire the conversion kit to add the original pulsation dumper and so I’m left with 3x 8AN ORB fittings on the rail.

As my application does not return to the tank from the rail, I only need one feed and one cap. Simples. The third, I will use for some form of pulsation damper.


These are very sexy, but they are also 100 quid; after spending 137-ish on the rail, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth. The adapter kit to connect the existing damper is at least 50 quid and a bit difficult to find, Hendy performance to an OEM style fitting for a nifty, which is of course tempting - though will likely need an adaptor to fit anyway.

Where am I going with this you ask ...

Water hammer arrestors. That’s right, the thing that stops your pipes banging in the walls - does the same job - and for the same reason. There’s just one major problem. The rubber.


The fittings are typically ½” or ¾” BSP, the latter not being far off the rail’s 8AN fitting, but provision for an adaptor might be necessary.

There are lots options, they are all pretty cheap (like 20 quid and custom yo [emoji1598]) BUT many use EPDM seals, which don’t work with fuel. However, there are a few on the market that use Viton or NBR, which love fuel - including the one above.

“But Chris, you dope - they have a vacuum line [emoji2955]”
- Someone from

[emoji849] Ah oh Obi Wan, not they don’t. I have two rails here - one has a vacuum line to the FPD and the other doesn’t - one is from a UK car, the other from my US car - if anyone can enlighten me on why that is, that would be awesome.

That said, I am in the process of working out which one to use and will let y’all know how I get on.

Any of the experts are welcome to chip in at this point to arrest me for any dire oversights!

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Surely Mazda Did Not Wire This Up?

07 June 2020 - 09:30 PM

Just started unwrapping some wiring to hide most of it and found this.


I appreciate the injectors are not sequential, but this wiring loom from an 18-year-old car that looked all original gave me a hell of a shock when I opened it up!

Anyone else seen this or have I got a former repair?

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Bracket Quiz

21 May 2020 - 09:57 PM

So I haven’t built a Miata/MX5 engine for about 7 or 8 years and I took the last one apart 2 years ago.

With that said, I haven’t remembered where most of the brackets go, so thought I’d make a game out of it. Feel free to join in!

Let’s start with this one!dc2d7cee834d4e0bf75f854d76f0685d.jpg

Where does it go, what does it do ...

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Expensive Aftermarket Coolant Reservoirs

17 May 2020 - 12:40 AM

While rebuilding and spending a lot of time making the engine bay look a bit nicer, I couldn’t help but notice how hideous the standard coolant reservoir is.

I can’t warrant 150 quid for a DaveFab or similar and there was nothing that seemed to suit on eBay. I even 3D scanned the inner wing and started knocking something up in Blender... until I had another idea ....

26 quid later, I had an aftermarket fleebay special coolant reservoir for a 200sx. Lots wrong with it, but nothing a dremel and a bit of JB Weld can not solve :)



Before you ask ... yes, it clears the headlight ;)

I need to de-pressurise the cap, tidy up with original bracket welds and should be all set!

It might not look like 150 quid, but I don’t think it’s too shabby and is a huge improvement over the stock plastic thing.

Let me know your thoughts :)

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Power Steering Upgrade

14 May 2020 - 11:24 PM

*Snippet posted in "What have you done to your 5 today thread...

This is a more informative thread*



Hi all, been here lurking in the shadows for about 12 years now - the lockdown has finally given me some time to rebuild the car (again).


I must be crazy. You know when you break something?.. And then think, "Well, I might as well upgrade the broken thing while I'm here" ?... And then you are elbows deep in your pockets completing a job that should only have cost 30 quid for the replacement part that you broke in the first place?


Yeh - that's me. 


Thought I'd use AN fittings, didn't I... Can't be that hard. Oh boy  :wallbash:


Skip a couple of weeks and I have now mounted a little oil cooler in the wing

£16.99 and some ali brackets

£27.96 in fittings (just on the cooler)

£37.16 (!) PTFE braided 6AN hose... It gets worse...




£25.19 in fittings for the rack

£7.35 fitting to the reservoir (not done yet  :blink:

£5.97 in clips

£68.95  :o for a (really sexy) PS fluid reservoir




Of course, mounting the bugger under the wing requires some ventilation... Out comes the dremel...  :doh:



And way too much time (not) mastering the fittings installation. Bastard thing will undoubtedly leak like a sift. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


So what have I learned? Other than the obvious (don't bother)...


1. Power Steering is under huge amounts of pressure and so you cannot just use regular AN hose and MUST use Teflon/PTFE AN hose 

2. PTFE hose uses PTFE AN fittings, which have an olive/ferrel (and are more expensive)

3. Buy spare ferrels as they are use once and you WILL have to redo at least one fitting

4. If you mount your oil cooler where I have, you need a long length of hose and that stuff is EXPENSIVE  :wacko:

5. Watch YouTube for AN PTFE fittings advice *BEFORE* you have a go...  :whistle:


And where does this exercise leave me? Well... I have worked out that the internet does not help me with the low pressure side of the PS pump, but as it's a 14.9mm solid tube, I'm hoping I can get away with a 15mm plumbing compression fitting to convert to AN10 (via 1/2 BSP I imagine - better ideas welcomed).. Will keep y'all informed!