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#1287406 The Mx5 Restorer Now Providing A 3 Year Guarantee On Welding Repairs

Posted by Garath on 23 October 2012 - 06:33 PM

At The MX5 Restorer, we have been carrying out high quality welding repairs on MX5's for a number of years now, and during this time we have perfected our skills, and fully tested the products and materials that we use.

So we are now in a position to confidently provide a 3 year guarantee against any of our repairs failing an MOT

The customer will be provided with a certificate that will indicate where the car was repaired, and what date the guarantee expires, this will also be transferable between owners, so it will be a good selling point for the car.

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#1442727 Like Button

Posted by rosko on 25 April 2013 - 07:04 PM

I can see this ending in tears and some major falling out. Most of this will occur in the 'Random Disclosure Thread' Where passions run high! I would like to propose that it is removed from this Thread. :thumb-up:  

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#1432023 Benefit Capped At 26K

Posted by Calmdown on 15 April 2013 - 03:25 PM

Social Welfare isn't difficult to fix.

Take the money away completely. Increase overseeing personnel for the distribution of it. Let people earn it back, like a wage.


You're looking for work - Government rates 7 hours of work per interview, at adjusted wage related to the mean income level.
You're going to school in a government accredited field of study: X Hours of wages per credit hour, and school is paid for.
You're not looking for work, but perform community service: Welcome to jobville, where you earn an hourly wage.
You're medically incapable of working: Here's the minimum.
You're working but it's not enough: Government matches to the minimum, then provides a mild incentive for attempting to go further.

You're not looking for work, can't be arsed going to school, refuse to do community service, and don't have a doctors note: Welcome to Starve-ville, population you. Starvation and eviction are prime motivators.

There's plenty of shit that needs doing in and around the country.
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#1326279 Another 24 Hours To Go Then...

Posted by Hamez on 20 December 2012 - 09:53 AM

I'm going to strip naked and curl up in a ball in the corner of the room on my haunches and cry uncontrollably whilst rocking back and forth clutching a picture of my ex-girlfriend to use as a masturbatory aid.

I mean, I know it's the end of the world tomorrow but Thursday is still Thursday and I don't like to break routine.
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#1444643 Random Disclosure Thread

Posted by rosko on 27 April 2013 - 08:50 PM

Looks like the 'Like button has killed this conversation'

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#1431902 Benefit Capped At 26K

Posted by Drewcole81 on 15 April 2013 - 01:24 PM

Why should I work 6 days a week to EARN not much more than someone else sitting on there arse.

I'm not that narrowed minded to think that there aren't people out there who actually actively seek work or are really unable to work, but we all know there are just some lazy people who would rather take a hand out for free.

I can't afford to go out at the weekends and drink, I can't afford to really run my car, I can't afford to keep the heating on all the time, I can't afford to go out and eat or have days out.... do I claim for anything.. No, I work harder and earn more money.

I'm in the view that if people are taking hand outs then they should have to go and assist in community projects to give something back, like litter picking of public spaces, gardening, assisting at OAP homes unskilled works that do not require any more training or money spending on having them there than is really needed.
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#1417043 Which Make Of Car Attracts The Worst Drivers...

Posted by robinm on 01 April 2013 - 04:48 PM

We've just driven back from Norfolk on the A149 / A148 / A47, all major trunk roads with variable (but mostly 60 MPH) speed limits.

Over 140 miles, using Satnav, we were able to accurately gauge the speed of your average 'Flidmobile' (sorry about that, but that's what we call them) = between 38 and 43 Mph, in a 60.

Invariably behind these useless drivers there builds up a huge train of drivers all actually trying to get somewhere ..

The vehicles they drive are always the same (so at least you can spot them easily), it's your usual 'Motability' fodder, small Kia's, Vauxhall Agila's (disgusting car) anything small boxy and ugly, usually the WRONG colour as well.

These are Britain's worst drivers in our book.

If, on your test, you drove at 38 Mph in a 60 Mph zone you'd be quite rightly failed for 'not making progress' .. These people should be stopped! They are a danger as normal drivers do mad things in sheer frustration trying to get by.. If these offending motorists in their Flidmobiles can't drive at 60 Mph safely, they should have their licences revoked.

Too slow is just as dangerous as too fast.
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#1504723 Fitted Stretch Tyres And They Have Started Leaking?

Posted by NickD on 04 July 2013 - 09:07 AM

Hendjay, while I am typing this other replies are coming in so this post will be out of sequence. The problem with the internet is that if you ask a question then you may get given the information you asked for, or you may just get told you are unwise in many different ways, that is the internet.


I think it is pretty clear here that the stretch you have on those tyres is not a wise thing to do. The line between cool and stupid is often in the eye of the beholder and where I live there is a strong Dub scene. The Rat look has been done to death and I think it is retarded, however even though they must require a new spine after each drive and have to plan routes to avoid speed bumps, I have to admit there are some pretty cool looking Polo's running around, wouldn't want to drive one though.


However, back to tyres. It is the air in a tyre that supports the weight of the car and allows the tyre to operate. if you remove the air in a normal tyre and rim situation the or even just run at low pressure, the sidewall collapses and the rim runs on the sidewall of the tyre, chafes the inside face removing the rubber and basically wears through the sidewall. This is not a slow process. Even at 30mph, limping a flat tyre to a layby a couple of hundred yards away will destroy it.


Here is an under inflated tyre. The owner wanted it balancing as he was getting vibration at speed!






Here is one the Mrs made earlier. She hit a curb and then drove 100 yards to park it.


Looks OK on the outside.




The inside is a different story










Run flat tyre are made differently. They have additional strengthening and rubber in the bead area designed specifically to stop the side wall collapsing and allowing the rim to run on the inner edge of the tyre. What you have assumed or been told that stretch tyres will act as run flats is absolutely untrue.


While I have never seen the result of this particular action, I can guess pretty much what would happen.


Here is a sidewall from a tyre. This was cut out of a tyre by the metal tab that holds the arch liner rubbing on the side wall of the tyre in half a lap of Cadwell Park, so about 1 mile. As you can see, side walls have no strength and very little too them.




As you lost air from the tyre, with that stretch you would just begin to run on the side wall just above the bead. It would wear through quite quickly. Even if it didn't the air forcing the bead into the seat would go and so the bead, already under pressure to unseat, would have nothing to hold it in place and the tyre would just pop off the rim, same effect as a total blow out only more so as with most blow outs the tread is still on the side walls which are still on the rims. And even if things did not happen in that order the heat generated as the pressure reduces is usually also sufficient to destroy the tyre pretty quickly too.


Some people have equally flawed wisdom that filling the tyre with tyre sealant is a good way to stop all this, it's not because stretch tyres suffer side wall damage easily and sealant just masks problems until they become big enough for the tyre to go pop.

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