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Social Network For Car Enthusiasts - Find Meets & Events Local To You

Social Network Car Meets Events Motorshows Drive Addiction facebook for cars

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 02:21 PM

We've been hearing a lot over the past few years that there needs to be a website for car enthusiasts to easily find local car meets and events, and so far the feedback has been just that: "This is exactly what we need".
In a nutshell, Drive Addiction is a website that lets you find meets and events local to you. However there's a lot more to it than that. We're also a platform to help promote clubs such as this and a few other useful features along the way. 
This is a long post so the best way to learn about what we do is to visit the website: and see for yourself. If you're not convinced, please skim the headers in bold below to learn more about what Drive Addiction offers.
Drive Addictionwill let you know about everything local to you and your car. It will show you local meets and events happening in your area and you'll see posts and updates from other users and clubs relating to your car too.
There's no need to "follow" or "like", all of the content is filtered automatically and specifically tailored to you.
It's basically a hub for the existing car community and lets you see everything that's going on relating to you, your car and your location (don't worry, we don't show your location and you only enter your city on registration, so thieves can't use the site as a shopping list!).
Don't worry; we're not trying to steal your users! We're not even a club, nor do we have a forum. We're simply a website at your disposal. You can create a club profile page which will be accessible to EVERYONE, if you're location based; everyone close by will see your posts. If your club relates to a brand; everyone with that car will see your posts, they don't even need to know that you exist!
Drive Addiction was built to help existing clubs such as yourself. We offer what Facebook and Twitter fall short on, a true platform to promote your club news, meets and events to your target audience, without the need for you to first build that audience via likes and follows and the countless posts involved to get to that stage. If there's 100 users out there on our site that relate in some way to your club; 100 users will see your posts. If there's 10,000; all 10,000 of them will see your posts, right from the moment you setup your club's profile page.
This is what Drive Addiction was initially built for. No need to invite, no need for people to share your posts. Drive Addiction lets you promote directly to your target audience without the need for them to even know you exist.
Every user local to where your event is being hosted and that shares the eligible car will see your event. They will also be notified about it via email when it is created and just before the event is happening. Not only that, they can also choose to "attend" your event and receive additional emails relating to any time and location changes!
Anyone can post about your event, further helping to promote it! If they send you a message, everyone will see that message on the main news feed, so there's no pressure for you to keep posting fresh and relevant content every day like you need to on Facebook, host an event that people like and they will promote it for you!
We offer the ability to post updates on all of our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter for any club, meet or event, so if you have some news you want to get out there, simply send us an email and we'll post it on all of our social media channels for you!
Note: Please include the content and an image you want posted, we also accept requests from car enthusiasts simply wanting to show off a photo of their car.
Drive Addiction is all about promoting the local car scene, making it more transparent and easily accessible. Something that other existing platforms have trouble doing. Don't get me wrong there's obviously a place for forums and Facebook with relation to cars, I personally use them every day, however they fall short on being able to promote and organise meets and events.
Facebook events are only accessible if you are invited or know about them before hand, and forums are some-what clunky to search and compose lists of people attending.
Drive Addiction was built to fix this very problem. The entire website is about making meets and events easily accessible and provide tools for the organisers to keep everyone informed about the event. You no longer need to "know someone who knows someone" to be invited to meets and no longer need to actively search or keep an eye on forums to make sure you don't miss out on local events. Drive Addiction lists every meet & event local to you right on the home page and even offers an easy to use calendar for future events.
IT'S 100% FREE
That's it. There's nothing more to say on the subject, it's free and always will be, no fees to post about your meets and clubs, no membership plans, and no affiliates or promotional obligations to anyone else, it's just free! We even give out our stickers for free on our Facebook page every week!
There's other car social networks out there, if you didn't know about this or don't use them, it's for good reason. They don't offer any true "value", every single one we have looked at has simply been a profile page for your car, and that's it. There's no reason to ever visit again unless you're looking for pictures of other peoples cars.
We hope to finally provide a USEFUL social network where you can find info about the existing car community; updates from your favourite clubs, updates from other car enthusiasts with the same car as you, information about local meets and events, all of this is tailored and filtered to you on one single page. We even send you a custom email every week, detailing what meets and events are happening local to you for the coming week!
Everything on the site is about you, your car and your location. If you change car or move house, the website will change too! It's all about your current situation and what's happening relating to you right now. We've already got hundreds of meets & events listed on the website and it's being used by hundreds of users every day! What's more; the website is literally run by you! Everything is user generated content, from the small updates and photos you see, to the actual meets and events, all added by you, the user! 
There's no need to request permission to promote your club, meet or event on the site, simply log in and click the "add club”, "add meet", or "add event" button and the website will do the rest, we've even handled the technical side to ensure your meets and events are listed on google and other search engines!
The car scene is bigger than ever and we hope that with your help we can make it thrive and provide a hub to get everyone connected! If you know of a friend who's always looking for local meets or are on another forum, please let them know we exist. If you know of a meet or event that's not already listed on the site, feel free to register and get it added.
Please like and share our page. We offer competitions every week and you can keep up to date on what's new with the website!
On Twitter? Let your followers know we're on there too, and keep posted for competitions and free giveaways as well as event coverage.
Drive Addiction:
Although the website is fully functional without an account, please register to gain access to all of the sites features, and the weekly emails about what's happening in your local car scene!
We attend all of our local meets and events just as you do, we're also highly active on many forums with personal accounts not relating to Drive Addiction. We're not just here to promote the site, we actually live and breathe this car scene! If you see us at an event, please stop by for a chat, we're always interested in hearing about (and seeing!) your cars. Just keep an eye out for our car at meets and events and we'll be close by somewhere, usually drooling over someone else's motor.

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