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Meet Maisey

NB 1.8 Turbo Gold Evolution Orange Racing Bronze Rot

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#41 Jacksheps


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Posted 19 May 2016 - 09:15 AM

You must be knackered haha. Good work
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#42 willeywilson


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Posted 20 May 2016 - 10:45 AM

You have no idea, we also tarmac'd the drive on Saturday morning which was hard work.  Nice to be out in the sun for a change though.

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#43 willeywilson


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Posted 01 June 2016 - 07:30 PM

Time for an update of a mechanical nature, which covers the past few weekends work.


All parts now in-hand (except for one radiator hose that I waited 6 weeks for) it was time to start bolting this thing together.


My RX8 Yellows had been returned from BLiNK, after a good clean and service.  To get these installed we set about unbolting the top half of the inlet manifold.  As is the case with everything on this car, a 20 minute job turned into over an hours’ worth of wrestling with stupid, rotten bolts, which then sheered. After questioning the best route forward we decided to tape up the exposed inlet manifold and drill into the bolt.  We were considering then welding another bolt onto this and winding it out, but given the heat, sparks and proximity to the fuel rail, we decided to keep drilling and tap a new thread.  As we were tapping the thread however the sheered part of the old bolt decided to come adrift, leaving a nearly intact original hole.  One M8 bolt later and we’re back in business!






I think this one says it all





Before getting the exhaust on I re-cavity waxed and dinotrol’d everywhere I could get to underneath the car (less sub frames, which are due a refurb at some point in the future).







Bolted the chassis frame re-enforcers on (annoyingly, I haven’t got pictures of the underside of the car as of yet), hung the exhaust and Sam welded on a hanger at the OEM point towards the back whilst I bodged a support off of the original bell housing hanger.


Hack saw’d some relief cuts in the manifold



Cut straight through my power steering pipes which were blatantly in the way of the intercooler :whistle:


Made an adaptor plate for the waste gate actuator.


And bolted up many pipes and bits and pieces that had been collecting in the corner of the workshop until the engine bay finally looked like this.








I was far too busy to take photo's of the install but you get the idea.


With some help from Gavin @ Turbo Your MX5 FB group, I got hold of reasonable Fuel, AFR & Spark tables, which I then amalgamated onto my naturally aspirated map, tweaked a few other settings to get start-up better than it had been and eventually this happened:-



Can’t really hear it in this video but the exhaust makes some nice burbling noises on the over-run.  Will hopefully get better once it’s worn in and I have something better to record on than my phone.



Great, now we can get this thing painted and back on the road – who’s ready for the worst paint job in history?














Sam and I sanded down all of the stone chip from the doors and the sills (I hate that stuff) and wet sanded the entire car by hand (not shown), which killed us both off.  I managed to get some etch primer on Monday night but noticed a couple of dents in the bonnet that need tapping out, the duck tail isn’t quite as smooth as I want it and I need to check the reflections on the rear wings to ensure I am happy with the filler.  


Annoyingly, because it is so close to being ‘finished’ (for now) I am starting to rush.  Therefore I have booked Friday and Monday off work to hopefully, sort out the niggles and get a primer base coat on Thursday night, wet sand the primer Friday morning and get colour and lacquer coats on and leave to dry for 24 hours before rebuilding the brakes, getting the wheels on, putting all the interior back in, mopping the paint and taking for an MOT on Monday - HA.


Another busy weekend ahead then…


The next update will either be “it’s running great” or “I got pissed off and set fire to it”.


Until then…





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#44 Stoksie


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Posted 02 June 2016 - 07:14 AM

good work as always keep it up!
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#45 ReubenHerbert


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Posted 02 June 2016 - 10:48 AM

Awesome job man! Filling could send anyone to sleep  :trigger:

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#46 dansinclair11


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Posted 02 June 2016 - 06:28 PM

hell of a lot of work gone into this! looking forward to seeing it all bolted together

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#47 willeywilson


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Posted 14 June 2016 - 09:37 PM

Updates are coming, but it's safe to say I LOVE this car!!! Even on a base map and 7psi it is ridiculously quick!

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#48 Nibor


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Posted 14 June 2016 - 11:55 PM

This was a great little read dude, hopefully mine will turn into something like this! Keep up the great work! Also, did you just use that p38 filler stuff to merge in your ducktail or did you use fibreglass too? It looks decent.

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#49 willeywilson


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Posted 15 June 2016 - 09:11 PM



I’ll let the photo’s do the talking


Murder scene’d the workshop and onto the primer:-




Whilst that was drying off I built up these.




Bit of High-Fill Primer on some of the rougher areas and a gloss black guide coat:-




Sam attacked the edges with 800 grit wet & dry and I attacked everywhere else with the DA and some 400 grit discs.  We managed to get rid of all of the guide coat and got the primer ultra smooth.


Ready for some colour then:-




Now annoyingly it was getting late, the compressor is stupid loud and I was in rush mode.  So, queue loads of flies landing on my lovely lacquer, the gun dropping huge droplets over relatively nicely coated panels, and more runs than I can count.  Also didn’t help that the full face mask Sam had kindly lent to me didn’t play nice with the lacquer, one minute I’m breathing fine, next second no air is getting through the filter and I’m trying to breathe in my own eyeballs.




Then to add insult to injury, when I removed the covers from the Windscreen surround on Sunday, it turns out that the thinners in the lacquer had melted the plastic into the bottom of the A-Pillars, meaning I had to re-sand and re-paint the windscreen. 


Then having to lacquer this meant a nice misty over-spray went all over the car.  Hopefully this will clear up with a flatting and some G3 which has been purchased, but I need to drive the little beast first.



So, it’s Sunday, Sam and I have had about 6 hours sleep each since Thursday night and we’re working flat out to get Maisey ready for her drive to the MOT station at 10:30 Monday morning. A lack of build pictures due to the rush but here’s some random ones we took.


Plates turned up in the nick of time:-




Some proper wiring




And after working till 1am Monday morning, back up at 7am to finish off, at 9:55 Maisey fired into life and rolled out of the work shop.  No roof, no parcel shelf, no trunk trim.  Brakes not had chance to bed in due to us taking hours to get them on (yellow stuffs are thicker than standards especially with new discs) but here she was, finally back on the tarmac.  The drive to the MOT station was amazing!!!



First proper shot of the underside, annoyed that paint over-spray has dulled what was a black shiny finish from the underseal, but meh.  That exhaust though! Like a glove.




So, after failing MOT number 1 on the hand brake doing diddly squat and one headlight being out of alignment, it was back to the workshop for two hours of rushing around.  Rear callipers adjusted in about 10 minutes, headlight adjusters freed up but we did find a monumental coolant leak.  This is entirely my fault, for fitting an o-ring in-between two flat surfaces that don’t have a rebate when doing the coolant re-route.





After trying to get this seal with just instant gasket and failing, twice, we chucked the old thermostat housing on, looped the pipe and hey presto, no more leaks!  Aren’t I glad we cut service holes in the timing belt shield.


Back to the MOT station and a clean bill of health, no advisories and passed emissions without even touching the map!  

However, on the drive back home there was the unmistakable stink of petrol.  Injector number 2 had decided to unseat itself from the rail.  Back off with the inlet manifold and the spare o-ring BLiNK conveniently sent out was on and no more leaks (although it still smells a bit, probably the lack of carbon canister and turbo heat).  On closer inspection, the o-ring I pulled off was deformed slightly, either a manufacturing defect or assembly issue.  




Roof on (but down obviously) and the next few hours were spent on some lovely roads out towards Buxton & Macclesfield with Sam watching the gauges on the laptop and Andy on his Fazer 600.  WOW!!! What a car we had built, it eats corners up and the straights just disappear with induction noise, turbo spool and pops & bangs the only soundtrack we could hear. This thing is fantastic! The money, hours of hard work, pain sweat and tears suddenly melted away from all thought as turn after turn the car got progressively better and better (or I learned how to drive it again).  Let’s put it this way, the bike wasn’t pulling away from me very quickly at all.


Few niggly problems and Maisey 2.0's first road trip in the next update.







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#50 willeywilson


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Posted 15 June 2016 - 09:14 PM

This was a great little read dude, hopefully mine will turn into something like this! Keep up the great work! Also, did you just use that p38 filler stuff to merge in your ducktail or did you use fibreglass too? It looks decent.


Cheers Nibor, yeah the ducktail was tiger-seal'd on and then just copious amounts of filler piled on top.  Not the best strategy but it has worked out quite well.  Hopefully it won't snap off one day after the hundredth time the boot is slammed shut.

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#51 willeywilson


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 10:25 PM

Where to start...


Had a few problems over the past few months with various oil leaks, exhaust ripping itself in half (my fault), Wastegate actuator only pushing 4 psi instead of 7.  Done a few track days with Rotten Arch Holes and a couple of VW Shows with my cousin in his Mk2 Golf.  The Spazda got a few looks but not a lot, probably because it's gold, looks fairly stock from the outside (although I have had a few "slammed" comments) and it's at a VW show  :ph34r:


I had managed to cover 99% of the car in lacquer overspray so spent a considerable amount of time flatting and polishing, still not 100% but a damn site better than before.  Still need to paint the door handles & mud guards.


I'm booked in for a remap with Bailey Performance next week so will report back with the results.  I am hoping he will work wonders with the ECU as starting takes a revolution or two more than I would like and I've still not sorted Acceleration enrichment etc.  I've also installed an uprated fuel pump ahead of getting mapped, from FuelPerformance (, great value for money and 48 hour delivery.  Also installed electronic boost control and fudged about with the ECU internals so that it could actually control it, tested and works well but turned off until it's mapped, 12psi at around 3krpm was a tad much for my tuning abilities.


Nexus install done (several times) and finally it's working well, although the radio is non existent despite the glass mounted aerial and I still need to finish off a volume / launch control mounting plate to go where the ash tray used to sit.


Also bought some 25mm spacers thinking they would be too wide for the front and just right on the rear, turns out they fit well on the front and I've now ordered 30mm for the rear.


Time for some photos's.


Raining at Alive & VDubbing, lead me to the discovery that I hadn't fitted the bloody rain rail when I hastily through the new soft top on. cue wet EVERYTHING!  Quickly fixed by grabbing the old rain rail from the ripped vinyl soft top, repairing it with waterproof tape and sealant and throwing it on.




Needs a polish




Cousin's original Mk2, which doesn't need a polish 




Don't buy aftermarket rocker cover gaskets kids - They LEAK!






Finally fixed the fuel gauge dial that only ever got as high as half way.




Some twat kindly did this in the works car park literally two weeks after I painted it!!! Fuming!






Track based Oil Leaks! - Turbo gets hot, PTFE oil line gets soft and wicks oil up the inside of the PVC Sheath which in turn melted.










Cut the line so I didn't have to get the the pressure sensor end and put in a new length, this also leaked so it was time for a re-think after some advice from some kind people on here.




Now routed the long way around to avoid the manifold




And a crap engine bay picture.




Dipstick holder o-ring had ripped on fitment which leaked under hard cornering. And my brand new crankshaft seal is leaking, potentially because I didn't do anything with the PCV and may have slightly boosted the crank case.  I only assume this as there was oil residue from the breather over the exhaust manifold!  Chucked a one way valve on there for good measure and no residue has returned.


Couple of photo's from Three Sisters, where the issues were found.






And a couple from Curborough which was around the same time.








Body roll anyone?


Haven't had it back on track to test it doesn't get too hot and leak, but it didn't cause any issues after a fairly rapid run around wales and evo triangle.  I had already ordered a turbo blanket and titanium exhaust wrap though so it would be rude not to fit it...






Certainly brought under bonnet temps down somewhat, Intake air temps are recording as low as 18 degrees on the motorway with no apparent adverse affects to cooling (although alloy rad and shrouding is on the list).


Last ones standing at WhiteNoise Festival which was a good laugh with some nice, if not a bit too German, cars.





Bought some wheels for track tyres.






Did some polishing.  Certainly not perfect and the bumpers still aren't done but she's getting there.


















Fitted the fuel pump.






Took delivery of 25mm spacers and test fitted














Rears could do with a tad more poke so ordered some 30mm for the back.


Made a drivers side floor mate with my finest sewing skills...




Just got to make the passenger side and then I'm onto re-trimming the door cars.



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#52 willeywilson


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 10:26 PM

Nexus install was a bit of a pig but something different.










Remember how I said I hated vinyl....












Vinyl wrapping the case and adhering it to the IP Bezel didn't work very well in terms of getting the tablet in and out of the car, so much so that I shattered the screen trying to get it in... So I fixed the screen and started again.






Plan was to fir tree it on but I had to rivet it in the end.


And replaced the seat belt webbing quick release for some ribbon as the webbing was too thick.








Fitting the EBC to the ECU was a tad nerve racking but it turned out okay.  Only cost $7.50 for the mod pack, plus £40 odd for the Solenoid plus shipping.









That's all for now, will update after the Bailey performance have give me more POWEERRRR!!!




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#53 alhendo1


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Posted 28 September 2016 - 11:41 PM

This is one of my favourite build threads. much hard work has gone into this car....I really like the colour!... btw...deep respect to the cousins that an original 5dr 8v gti as the steel wheels would suggest? ?
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My 1.6 S Special Import Build Thread.

#54 Jacksheps


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Posted 29 September 2016 - 12:36 PM

Im gunna have to read that again later, to much to read on my phone ha
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#55 willeywilson


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Posted 11 October 2016 - 08:49 PM

Wednesday 05/10/16 - Mapping Day!!!


Fuelled, cleaned and fed (us, not the car), Sam and I set off to Bailey Performance in Telford.




Instantly we had a problem.  The car was that bloody low that when Dale lowered it onto the rollers, the frame rail reinforcer's ground out on the floor.  After a bit of a conflab, Dale ran her up to speed to see what power I was getting out of my special brew DIY tune.  


However, not having all of the weight of the rear of the car on the rear wheels and going for fourth gear pulls, resulted in much wheel spin.  Pumping the tyres up to 55psi and a liberal spray of glue and the wheels were still spinning up.  Although we did see a result of ~215HP @ the fly which Dale reckoned was more like 220HP accounting for the wheel spin.  We took this as a base for what Maisey is running on my setup, which impressively Dale reckoned is about 15-20HP more than it 'should' be producing based on the safe spark/fuel tables and wastegate pressure.  :thumb-up:




Second run at 40psi tyre pressure and no glue - 204HP @ the flywheel.



Now then, having uncompressed the front suspension slightly with use of a jack (this felt real safe),  :Mr-T: the frame rail reinforcer's were freed from the 5-bar checker plate they had embedded themselves into and we were able to eliminate the wheel spin, put the fuse into the Electronic Boost Control Solenoid circuit and get down to business.


Here's a few videos...


So, results,


Pretty much the same as before but a lot smoother



Winding it up a bit we got 256HP @ the flywheel, 232HP @ the wheels.



Dale was keen to leave it there to preserve the rods, however I wasn't convinced.  We came to the agreement of flattening the curve in the mid range to limit the pounding on the rods and wind it up a little at the top end... 2 degrees advance, on about 2 cells in the table, on the previous tune and we ended up with this:-


264.3HP @ the flywheel and 241.5HP @ the wheels  :drool:



At this point, I was tempted to chase the extra 8.5HP - as 'two fiddy' at the wheels is just a better story - but for what it was, and not wanting to worry about it every time I nailed it, I decided to leave it there, let Dale finish off tweaking and drive home a happy man.


It now starts better, idles better, uses less fuel and most importantly, goes like absolute stink!


Those numbers make the past year's worth of work bearable, and knowing that between Dad, Sam and I absolutely every single thing on the car has been made by, or made to fit by us, makes it all the more sweeter.


Well done little car!




In other news, rear spacers didn't turn up so all 4 spacers will be fitted next weekend for a more flattering stance.


Alloy rad, bought from Dan @ Fast 5  as part of the Autumn group buy, turned up and was fitted and bled.  I had a bit of an issue with the power steering lines but nothing some brute force and ignorance engineering know-how couldn't solve.  Couldn't get a 30mm core plug in time, so Sam finished off an improved blanking plate for the old thermostat housing (with rebate for O-ring this time) and that was thrown on too.










I also took delivery of this, which is a rather lovely piece of kit:-



I may take some measurements of the hub and CAD myself up a short one (and potentially sell them).  I know there was a chap on here looking at doing it but never followed through with actually producing them for sale.  The QR however is beautiful and staying (even if I haven't bought a decent wheel yet).


And that's about it..


Oh, no, I may have just agreed to buy a set of MeisterR Zeta CRD's with 3000 miles on them for a bargain price.... Pick-up Thursday. Even though the roll bar was the next on the list. :oops:





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#56 willeywilson


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Posted 11 October 2016 - 08:58 PM

This is one of my favourite build threads. much hard work has gone into this car....I really like the colour!... btw...deep respect to the cousins that an original 5dr 8v gti as the steel wheels would suggest? ?


Cheers mate,


Not the most popular of builds, probably down to the bland title and, well, colour of the car, but I am glad I've got it all documented.


As for the Golf - yes it is.  Beautiful little car, completely original and a credit to my cousin.  Here's a couple more pics of it (Don't ban me).





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#57 browno


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Posted 11 October 2016 - 09:23 PM

Only just stumbled across this build - and it looks like a real credit to all of the hard work that has gone into it. Great results on the mapping - I bet it really does go like stink now! Must be all the more satisfying having done it yourself.

Golf looks lovely too - nice to see one that hasn't been too "scened" and mucked about with.

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Now: Silver 2006 Mk3 2.0 Option Pack with Meister R Coilovers, RX8 ARBs, Roddison's setup, Racing Beat Manifold, 180bhp Autotronix remap and Federal RS-R's.

         1998 Berkeley 058/400 - sparkle green and standard, for now.


Previously: 2000 Porsche Boxster S, 1991 MX5 Mk1 1.6

#58 Fizbne


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Posted 11 October 2016 - 11:59 PM

Fuckin' yeah, this build thread is awesome. Props on the paint job as well, looks incredible!


Makes me want another 5 for CHOOCHOOSUTUTUTU.

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-Currently on an MX5 Hiatus-

#59 Jacksheps


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Posted 12 October 2016 - 08:08 PM

Thats plenty of power! Nice work
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#60 willeywilson


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Posted 08 November 2016 - 11:34 PM

Updates - 


Picked up some nice "lightly used" suspension from a nice chap who builds the black widow body kits:-

Meister CRD's



These are being taken apart cleaned and reassembled prior to being fitted to the car over winter.  I refuse to fit them to rusty wishbones and subframes so going to have it all out over winter and get powder coated + new bushings.


My rear spacers also turned up and I bought this lovely OMP steering wheel from a friend at work:-



On to the fitting...


Made a horn contact strip out of a P clip.  Returned all the edges so it wouldn't scratch the boss and greased up the ring on the boss






Boss on




I now understand why I see cars with bandanna's around the steering column haha - Need to sort the ugly gap.












It definitely sits closer to my chest now, although this is actually quite a nice driving position.  My only annoyance with it is I now can't reach the stalks without taking my hands of the wheel :-/  Other than that, it's fantastic.




Fitted the spacers and the car instantly looks soooo much better, also seems to handle better too, although some of that is probably placebo.






Then went and did a thing at Three Sisters in Wigan.  Was great fun with the exception of my Power Steering belt coming off at some point on the motorway.  Cleverly I placed the old one in the boot - unfortunately it was somewhat bent/misshapen from having stuff on top of it for months and as such it lasted one and a half sessions before it came off again.  The stewards kindly returned it to me so I threw it back on, over-tightened it and went back out for my final session, which unfortunately the cameras died for.


Pics and Videos, please excuse the commentary and awful audio on the videos outside of the car.








Session 1 - In car


Session 1 - 1/4 Window


Session 2 - In car (camera died)


Session 2 - 1/4 Window








My mates race-RX8 which I was surprisingly quicker than - result!





Besides the power steering belt issues everything went rather well, although my breather on the rocker cover is pissing oil everywhere, I assume from hard cornering and blow by pressure.  May have to take the rocker cover off over Christmas and re-seal the chambers but for now I have ordered a oil catch can.


Cheap oil catch can arrived - Cheap as it's basically an empty bottle :-/  That is going to do sod-all to catch oil vapours...






1 bent piece of metal later and some stainless steel scouring pads and the catch can should be able to condense the oil vapours inside it, rather than spewing them straight out the breather.






DIY bracket courtesy of some NLI Amp brackets from a latest Jaguar product  :whistle:


Not the best photo as it was pitch black and raining outside and we currently have a table tennis table in the garage haha.  Not happy with the clear tube that will inevitably melt over the manifold.  I will tidy it up in due course.






And finally, we pissed about getting launch control working.  Many issues - little progress.  Basically FLEX input does nothing with my grey "table switching" wire. PE1 seems to be the correct input but it only works in neutral which would suggest either my clutch / starter interlock switch is fubbard OR it just isn't wired properly for my 98 NB car (second hand ecu).


Anywhom, here's what I did capture before the torrential freezing rain came.


That's all for now.





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