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#4533643 Itb Build

Posted by Dickie on 02 February 2021 - 07:37 PM

Hi Folks,

Sorry for not responding sooner.

I do not have many pictures of my build.

This car was built up from a bare rust free imported shell so the money for the engine was very much on a budget.

I am now planning the next progression having proved the engine works fine.

I have just bought a boundary eng high flow VVT oil pump, I am looking at 85mm pistons with a short compression height. The 85mm Suzuki Hayabusa pistons are of interest. I have already had a quote for a billet short stroke crankshaft to make the engine under 1800cc and allow longer forged rods to be fitted.

I will be fitting larger valves and seeing if I can raise the compression ratio further !!

The reason for the reduced capacity is to move into the smaller capacity class in local motorsport events ( A drop of 42cc is all thats needed )

I will be able to raise the rev limit and have a more efficient oversquare engine configuration. I will probably go for direct to head throttle bodies as well.

I will make a decision on the head later on once I have built an replacement block up.

The car is off road for the winter, I am still playing with an airbox and remote filter set up for it ( I need to hide the ITB noise from the wife !!! )

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#4533171 Do I Need A Thick Full Alloy Radiator?

Posted by Dickie on 18 January 2021 - 08:04 PM

Have a look at  IL Motorsport and compare the price of an alloy rad compared with an Mazda one. 

If you go Turbo the engine will get hotter so an alloy rad might be sensible.

I have a replacement stock radiator in my standard Eunos and a thicker alloy rad in my ITB Eunos.

The radiator from and automatic Mazda is an upgrade to look at.

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#4528649 Itb Build

Posted by Dickie on 04 September 2020 - 07:18 PM

I managed to get the tyres fitted this afternoon ( Pilot Sport 3s )

I went for a gentle !!! 8 mile drive, new tyres, DIY alignment, untested car and wet roads !!!


Everything seems to be OK as long as its kept above 3500 RPM the airbox makes it very civilised,

So I will have to revert to the Pipercross PX500 for being a Hooligan, It should be an easy swap between intake systems.

I hope to go for a longer drive on Saturday once its topped up with fuel.

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#4528559 Itb Build

Posted by Dickie on 02 September 2020 - 07:45 PM

Hi Folks,

The DVLA has come through, the car now has its official Number Plates,

The insurance is now on the registration number so once I have fitted new tyres I can go out for a proper test drive.( Tyres should be on for the Weekend )

I have got a Sprint at Perranporth lined up in a couple of weeks so I can exercise it properly,

I put both Mazdas down on the entry form so I can take either one.

Or one on the Saturday and the other on the Sunday !!!

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#4527995 Itb Build

Posted by Dickie on 18 August 2020 - 04:52 PM

Hi Folks,

The next installment of nonsense.

I have been looking into getting a crankshaft offset ground to reduce the stroke over boring to 85mm giving 1799 cc which will drop me into the lower capacity class for hillclimbs and sprints the actual reduction in cc is not much but would make the engine oversquare whilst allowing the use of longer rods end result should be more available revs.

Non of the machine shops that I contacted were interested in doing the work.

Next stupid idea is a custom billet crankshaft, I have had a quotation back, this is similar money to the billet crank for the car in my Avatar.

So with a billet crank, forged long rods and 85mm pistons I should have a rev happy oversquare engine.

Time to sell the furniture again !!!

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#4525163 Itb Build

Posted by Dickie on 13 June 2020 - 07:23 PM

Hi Folks,

Just a little bit of Mongrel Howl, from 900 to 7000 RPM

No nasty pops and bangs in this tune and a nice settle back to tickover.


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#4520637 What Have You Done To Your Mx5 Today?

Posted by Dickie on 02 April 2020 - 04:06 PM

I had a nice quiet  drive in the Eunos this morning with no morons in the outside lane doing 62 mph.

I was in work by 6.30 Avoiding the rush hour as if there is one at the moment.

It was nice and sunny having a cup of tea outside in the carpark looking out over Dartmoor.

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#4516685 1.8 Cylinder Head Development - The Quest For Improved Flow/power!

Posted by Dickie on 28 November 2019 - 09:30 PM


Well done for the labour of love.

I am with you about opening out the valve throat. 

You can get good gains without fitting big valves.

(It is also possible to to reduce the outside diameter of the valve as long as you leave enough to stop the flame from burning the seat.  speak to your machine shop )

Its a job for a cutter centred on the valve guide then a carefull blend and a three angle seat cut.

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#4490755 E10 Fuel And Damage

Posted by Dickie on 29 August 2018 - 05:31 PM

Hi Folks,

The classic car work has been worried about this for some time now.

The engine will run fine on it with some adjustment.

The main worry is the older carbs being damaged, solder being broken down, tank sealant has been dissolved and blocked up the carbs, the older fuel flex hoses have perished. fuel pump diagphrams have been broken down.

I now run my Austin on Tescos finest which has low ethanol, I treat the Eunos with the same stuff.

The Austin's fuel tank is tinned with solder from new, the fuel pipe is soldered so I keep an eye on it.

The Eunos soft fuel pipes can be replaced with E10 resistant pipe. ( Not an easy DIY job ) but will solve the problem.

Its a great way for the older cars to be removed from the road.

My outboard motor fuel pipe completely failed and fell to bits so it has now been changed to ethanol resistant fuel line.

The type of fuel line that failed usually goes hard with old age.

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#4444105 Na Camshaft Mods / Regrinds

Posted by Dickie on 24 April 2018 - 08:19 PM

Hi Petrolheads,


I have just found my old thread so thought its time for an up date.


I now have the engine installed and running, it now sports a set of Danst ITB's.

Utilising the Oem Mazda throttle quadrant and cable and the Oem TPS

I had fun and games trying to get the ME221 to play until I found an ITB map hidden in the Motorsport Electronics Beta file ( this has now disappeared from their site.)

AEM Uego wideband fitted using the plug cut of an old sensor and plugged into the Oem loom.

I now have and engine which will start cold with the throttle just opened and ticks over at 1100 RPM. Hot start needs no throttle.

I have just installed an IL Motorsport Alloy Rad. to replace the original 1994 one.

My Mongrel exhaust system which is a Mk2.5 manifold linked to an aftermarket primary pipe with the two into one part cut open and the crimped restriction removed, high flow cat into a straight through Sportex Back box all has gone under the car fine with just a couple of mounting point adjustments is nice and quiet on tickover and at about 3500 RPM no load. ( just the right noise to be interesting but not LOUD )

The induction roar under the bonnet is much louder when reving the motor.


I have still got to set up the suspension, fit new front wings, finish the interior, and fit all the lights bumpers etc, The small matter of a respray as well before I can get it street legal and registered. ( I have already bought an apt number for an RS to put on it )

I will have to trailer it to a rolling road for the final tune.


As my set up is similar to Quinns in the USA I expect to make similar power,

If my engine set up works and will give power all the way to 7500 RPM the next stage will be to get another  Mk2.5 block and fit forged rods and pistons as well as harmonic damper and boundry oilpump upgrade to gain more rev-ability.


All the suspension bushes are IL Motorsport hard rubber as are the engine and diff mounts, brand new Oem Bilsteins and springs.

 ( I like a hard ride ) I have a choice of Oem 15" BBS wheels or 15 x 7 Tracklight Gear.


Cheers Dickie

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#4038401 Camshafts ?

Posted by Dickie on 13 February 2017 - 10:42 PM

Hi Mick,


Fitting uprated cams into a standard engine does not always give the desired result, you can lose performance !!

You will have to get the head skimmed to raise the compression ratio to get the best out of a performance camshaft, once you have the head skimmed you will then need adjustable camwheels to set the cam timing correctly.


Do lots of research before you commit to anything, you might well find the best way forward is to get Blink Motorsport to do a head package for you with proven results( I have no connection with Blink Motorsport )


I have spent more on my 1800cc cylinder head cam setup than Blink charges for a performance package and I have done a lot of the hard work myself, I have done it for the challenge and to go a little more extreme than a Blink Package !!


Good Luck

Regards Dickie

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#3948441 Speed Bumps Can Kill?

Posted by Dickie on 05 December 2016 - 10:27 PM

If a pot hole was as big as a speed hump you could sue the council for damage to your car.

( Is a speed hump an upside down pothole )

So if the speed hump is considered the road surface then the pothole must be the bit in between !!

Thats Cornish logic at work for you !!!

It would be fun to see a proper Steam Roller take on a road with speed humps.

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#3336138 What Is This Sound?

Posted by Dickie on 02 February 2016 - 10:41 PM


I suspect its the bypass valve opening,

you should be able to see it work and hear it when you open and close the throttle with your head under the bonnet.

Follow the vacuum hose from the plenum to the charger to find the actuator for the bypass valve.


It sounds just like my old car did with the same set up, I take it you are intercooled as well.

It could be to do with the balancing of the two throttle bodies,

I used to have my pre charger throttle open a little bit more than the manifold one to keep a bit of positive pressure in the intercooler.

You would feel the clutch going by a sudden rise in revs relative to road speed when you tickle the loud pedal, and it would slip on gear changes with hard driving.

I have had clutch slip in fourth gear on two of my Mx 5's with only 130Bhp


The Mp62 is a tough unit but make sure your inlet hose is in good order, they don't like sucking the inner wall of the hose into the rotors, it breaks the drive belt and damages the lobes.

If your inlet hose feels brittle change it for peace of mind.


Very entertaining to lose the charger and power steering at full chat, sudden shrieking noise, smell of burnt rubber and loss of power

The car you just blasted past laughs as they overtake you.


Cheers Dickie

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#3332738 Mk1 1.8 Head Work Info?

Posted by Dickie on 01 February 2016 - 10:31 PM

Hi Sam,

I recommend spending money on new valve springs, you are pushing your luck with 10.1mm on standard springs.

Keith Tanners book recomends max lift of 9mm on standard springs.


I  have built up a motor with 10.21 lift and 285 piper regrinds. (Special grind for full diameter followers.)

My Mk 2 head skim is 80 thou (2.032 mm)

I have gone Supertech springs and caps with Mazdaspeed shim under bucket followers, as well as bronze valve guides.


The Mk1 hydraulic cam followers might be at the end of their adjustment range.

The Mk2 shims can be spat out with high lift cams and high revs.

Reground cams have the base circle reduced to gain lift so clearance to head is not an issue but the Mk1 follower comes further out of its guide to meet the cam. Mk 2 needs thicker shims to take up the amount ground of the base circle.

Billet cams are a different thing as they have taller lobes which mean clearance grinding the follower guides, but the base circle should stay as stock diameter.


I hope this will help you a little bit


Regards Dickie

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#3227146 Dewi's Rs

Posted by Dickie on 26 December 2015 - 10:47 PM

Yup thats Dickies other sports car.


Factory Built Austin 7 Type 65 ( Top speed 65mph with a tailwind, personel best 72 mph downhill )

And yes you can get the arse to hang out with 25 Bhp, ( on a damp road !! )

The original 1934 Hairdressers car, it shares the garage with the RS ltd, Honda CBR600 and a project RS Ltd and a big pile of CR*P

I only took a piccy of one of my spare track rod ends, I have the other one in the big pile of CR*P


Cheers Dickie

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