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How To Align The Supercharger In 3 Steps

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Posted 01 September 2013 - 09:47 PM

Tools needed 2 X 12" steel rules new ones!
A digital angle meter
A 6" rule I chopped this in half as space was tight and I couldn't get a proper measurement.

First and most important alignment setting is the angle.
So your probably trying to space the supercharger away from the exhaust manifold as its touching I found 2 cast ribs on the supercharger where the ones fouling the manifold so I used the angle grinder to grind these flat. Afterwards it was a case of adding washers but we have no idea what angle the pulley of the supercharger is in relation to the other pulleys on this car until you read the angle on the pulley.
Ignore the power steering pulley as there's so much movement on it that it will mess up your results so don't check this at all until all checks have been completed and everything's tightened up.
Ok using your digital angle meter place your new rule against the face of the pulley now place the digital angle meter on the rule and write down your reading.
My car was on a slope on the driveway it doesn't matter.
I tried measuring the crank pulley on the face I couldn't get repeatable results I also tried sitting the angle meter on the ribs where the belt runs and it wasn't great either so what do we do.
We use a fixed point on the car I used the thermostat housing. I've already done the coolant reroute so its just a plate there now. If you haven't done that then drain your coolant remove the thermostat cover and scrape the gasket from the housing now it should be flat good!
I was more or less getting the same reading at the thermostat housing as I was getting at the crank pulley the difference being the thermostat housing is machined flat.
Ok place the steel rule against thermostat housing with your angle meter the reading here is what you want to set your supercharger to.
So it's just a case of adding washers to either front or rear of the supercharger mounts to get the same reading its that simple.
Once that's done your supercharger should be spaced away from the exhaust manifold and sitting at the or right angle.
Next alignment setting is the in and out of the supercharger pulley in relation to other pulleys.
Again using the thermostat housing place your 12"rule from the face and down toward the crank pulley. Using a cut down 6"rule take a measurement from the 12"rule to the first and last rib on the crank pulley and write these 2 values down.

Hard to see but bottom right of the picture is the crank pulley. the 12" rule is placed flat on the thermostat housing and you can see it here between the antiroll bar and the crank pulley.

Iv chopped the rule at 10cm fromthe 15cm rule as its too close to the radiator.

where the two rules meet take your reading it says 43mm.


Next use the 12" rule from the thermostat housing over toward the super charger pulley and your looking to align 3 of the ribs on that pulley with 3 of the ribs on the crank pulley by using the same measurements.
On my supercharger iam using the last 3 out of 6 ribs at e back of the pulley.

Took picture after fitting the belt but you can see how it could be done.


The last alignment setting is by moving the supercharger pulley left or right to get it running in a parallel with the other pulleys we do this by using two 12" steel rules. One from the thermostat housing over toward the supercharger pulley. The other from the supercharger pulley over toward the thermostat housing. Now by looking down at these two steel rules and by moving your eyesight back and forth you will see a gap between these two rules. How does the gap look to you is it big on one side and small on the other side? Or is it the same gap between the two rules.
After you make this adjustment to obtain the parallel gap between the steel rules.
Go back to step 2 and measure the ribs on the supercharger pulley make sure your happy with them. If not adjust then check the pulley is still parallel with the others.

Now I said to ignore the power steering pulley because there's a lot of movement and it will send you in circles. But give it a tighten up now where it pivots and take a measurement from the thermostat housing and see if it measures the same as the crank pulley with the measurements you took earlier.

Thats it!

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