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In Topic: Number 23 Boosted Time.

16 October 2020 - 12:35 PM

You've done great work. Your findings with the power steering removal is interesting. Its a mod I've contemplated. My belt pinged off the other day so I had 50 miles unassisted- i liked the meatiness, but wondered if it would be too slow to catch an unexpected moment. Still making my mind up.

With regard to elise seats I've got mk2 elise seats with inflatable lumbar but not probax. I absolutely love them in my NB: supportive, comfortable. sit me lower, more leg room, look oem. But the only way I could find to fit them on my runners was some bespoke brackets from the lotus centre on ebay. All other bracket manufacturers for these have dried up. Or given how handy you are, Adam on revlimiter has diy bracket instructions.


In Topic: Potential New Mx5 Owner Help Needed

01 October 2020 - 06:54 AM



Welcome to the world of MX5s!


Prices for these cars are impacted by 2 factors. They made millions of them and if treated like a cheap disposable car, they are prone to rust. This has meant low prices, but values for good ones are definitely rising now. I would expect you could find something decent for your budget from the right sort of seller. If I had a mint standard mk2 I certainly wouldn't let it go for 2k (Mine is rust free and fairly heavily modified, but I wouldn't part with it for less than 6k) but there will be plenty of sellers who won't really know what they have or understand the pricing and just believe all MX5s are cheap. Then you're onto a winner. Its often said they are all rusty, but lots have had a quality repair done and lots of these were garaged, second or third cars that never saw rain, so rust free ones still exist. Low mileage is advantageous, not because of engine or mechanical wear as they take miles very well, but it just points to less use and likely less exposure to salted roads. Don't be put off by high mileage on a car that's had the rust (sills and front chassis legs) properly repaired. 


As for your list of things to do, Id wait and see what your purchase needs before deciding. From your list mine still has the original discs, ARBs and bushes after 18 years and believe me I'll replace anything that needs it without a second thought - Ive yet to hit 40k though.


One upgrade I really recommend though is chassis bracing - there are a few different suppliers selling metal reinforcement rails which bolt onto the underfloor chassis. They make it drive much nicer and easier to jack up.


In addition to autotrader, you might want to try the mx5 owners club for sale section and pistonheads. Might reveal some well looked after stuff although will probably be asking higher prices too. There are some dealers who deal exclusively in MX5s but Ive no direct experience of them .


Anyway, you seem to have a good idea what you're doing, Im sorry if I seemed to talk about my own car a lot, but I was just trying to give a basis for my perspective. 



In Topic: Building Uk Mk 2.5 Seats Into Left Hand Drive Mk 2.5

16 September 2020 - 06:41 AM

You can get a resistor kit to disable the passenger seat occupancy sensor. It plugs into the underseat loom. Available on eBay.


In Topic: Johnny_E's Mk2.5 Sport

16 September 2020 - 06:23 AM

Coming on nicely. You've mentioned put green stuff pads on. I run the yellow stuff on mine and find them excellent with much more bite compared to the OE pads. Green stuff won't generate as much dust, but they also won't brake as hard.


In Topic: Mk3 Rotary Powered Drag Car Running Mrthanol

02 August 2020 - 05:26 AM

Wow. Is this a tried and tested conversion? You seem to be confident that that things will fit or work before you've got to the stage of fitting them? Beautiful work on the exhaust.