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In Topic: Calling Electrical Guru's - Lights On Warning Buzzer

18 March 2020 - 09:08 AM

Hmm Maybe mine has been disconnected already as I have non standard seats fitted!  Its a Jam import so I know that they like their warning buzzers!  I will have a look!

In Topic: 4.1 To 3.6 (Fingers Crossed)

18 March 2020 - 08:38 AM


Apologies for the thread Necro, but thank you to Martin Y the OP for this thread, it was exceptionally useful for sorting out my MK1 Eunos speedo misreading by around 10MPH following a swap to a 3.6 final drive.


Just a couple of bits to add, the parts are all still available and are as follows:

Parts needed

M502-17-441 (19 tooth gear moulded onto shaft) - available £20-39
1011-17-442A (aluminum sleeve that's offset for the smaller diameter gears) £18-64
9922-20-214 (small roll pin to lock shaft and gear into sleeve) £1-14
9958-60-8166 (internal oil seal for shaft to sleeve) £3-38 
1011-17-443 replaces incorrect P/N  1110-17-443 (o-ring to seal sleeve to transmission) £4-47
Points worth noting:
1)  you will lose some gearbox oil during fitment, I jacked up the rear of the vehicle as much as possible to limit this to a few MM.
2)  To limit this further you could build the replacement unit first so that it is a straight swap.
3) Take all of the pieces listed above slide M502-17-441 into 1011-17-442A and fit the roll pin 9922-20-214. I added some oil to the roll pin and used a Pin hammer to do this, insert the smaller chamfered end into the hole and tap through, you can use a cut down small allen key as a drift!
4) insert 9958-60-8166 into the bottom of 1011-17-442A noting that the FLAT face goes in first, I used a small socket to ensure that it went all the way in
5) fit 1011-17-443 to the outside of the sleeve
A couple of pictures
Pic 1 shows the gear drive you will remove next to the new body:
Pic 2 shows 9958-60-8166 inserted inside the body, note that I have inserted it so that the flat face goes up inside the body
Pic 3 shows the assembled unit with 1011-17-443 and the roll pin in place.


I hope that makes it even easier for someone else!


BTW the speedo now reads around 2mph under at 70mph which is perfect! 30 is spot on matching the GPS


I am also running a 6 speed gearbox and have filled it with filled with Castrol Syntrans Multivehicle 75W-90, a massive difference to the slickness of gearchanges!

In Topic: Calling Electrical Guru's - Lights On Warning Buzzer

18 March 2020 - 08:07 AM

I don’t think the Mk1 Eunos has a seatbelt alarm but a very clever way if it did!

In Topic: Calling Electrical Guru's - Lights On Warning Buzzer

16 March 2020 - 09:43 AM

Im also interested in this, so a worthwhile thread Necro! :-D

In Topic: Hsd Setup Issues Mk1

09 March 2020 - 07:32 PM

Hi Guys,  Just to close this out, having spent approximately 30+ hours, plus money in the workshop on trying to resolve this issue, including a full strip down and rebuild of the dampers, I finally bit the bullet and ordered a set of MeisterR adjustable Coilovers.


They were setup on the bench and fitted straight onto the vehicle, without any issues whatsoever.  The ride height was set to 310F 320R with minimal differences between sides (as experienced with the HSD)


I have set the alignment and..........................





WOW!!!  What a difference, the ride is now taught yet compliant, bumps including monster pot holes are absorbed without issue and the car has been transformed!!!!!!


Plus the support from Jerrick was excellent prior to buying and I managed to pick them up for £650 from a local supplier!


The car is now back on the road and once I have replaced the RSR EXMAG exhaust, we will be ready for the track!!




Thank you for all of your help!